MARKET CONSULTATION- Additional process build into the existing Microsoft Dynamic Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) at East Hampshire DC
East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) is seeking the input of suitably qualified and experienced contractors for the provision of additional process build into our existing Microsoft Dynamic Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) at EHDC. Please see the outline specification. In order to finalise the business case and to form a complete and robust specification, please make any comments /suggestions on the outline specification and provide a provisional quote for the service. Should the business case be approved, all participants of this market engagement exercise would be contacted again to participate in the compliant, open and competitive procurement process. Participation in this market engagement exercise does not guarantee an award of the contract. Organisations not participating in this exercise will not be disadvantaged should any tendering process be pursued.
East Hampshire District Council intends to use the Capita Partnership Portal for this Market Consultation exercise. The URL is:
Organisations interested in participating in the Market Consultation event for EHDC for the provision of additional process build into our existing Microsoft Dynamic Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) should do so by using this system.
You should submit your written responses WITH ANY COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS ON THE OUTLINE SPECIFICATION AND PROVISIONAL QUOTE FOR THE SERVICE no later than 12:00 hours (Noon) 30TH OF June 2017. On reviewing the written responses Hart DC reserves the right to ask organisations to clarify their submission.
It is anticipated that a separate contract notice relating to the supply of the above specified services will be submitted for publication after the Market Consultation exercise has been completed and a decision has been made with regard to the procurement strategy for this service. All service providers should respond to the contract notice when it is published even if you have participated in the Market Consultation discussions.
EHDC is a public authority within the meaning of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and all correspondence received will be dealt with in accordance with the Act.
To express interest in this Market Consultation event and respond to the Market Consultation you should register your company on the Capita Partnership e-Sourcing portal

This procurement is being managed by Capita Business Services Limited (“Capita”) on behalf of the Council under a Strategic Services Outsource. The contract between the Council and Capita provides for tenders and all other information submitted to be treated as confidential by Capita to ensure competition is maintained, value for money is achieved and all bidders are treated equally and in a non-discriminatory way during the tendering and contract award procedures. The Council and Capita shall maintain a system of management processes, barriers, disciplines and confidentiality undertakings to ensure there is no conflict of interest in the procurement process and to prevent any disclosure to any Capita employee involved in submitting a tender for this procurement of any confidential information from other bidders. Information submitted by bidders will not be used by Capita for any other purpose than the provision of services to the Council under the Strategic Services Outsource.
The partnership has an established process for managing potential conflicts of interest should a partner wish to bid, and will invoke its ethical walls protocol when it is required. Details of this protocol are available on request.

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