Provision of various training courses - Social Care
Luton Borough Council (LBC) is seeking trainers/companies with the necessary experience, competence and capacity to deliver various training courses for the Council in the 2016/2017 financial year (minimum).
• Management Compliance and Client Autonomy
• Introduction to Autism (Level 1)
• Supporting People with Autism (level 2)
• Working with People with Autism (level 3)
• Mental Capacity Act
• Awareness
• Deprivation of Liberties - Putting into Practice
• Mental Capacity Act - Putting it into Practice
• Bereavement & Loss Awareness (Adults)
• Care Act Briefing
• Care Act Legal Implications
• Self-Harm in Adults
• Continuing Health Care
• Makaton Foundation
• Mental Health Awareness (Adult Social Care)
• Welfare Benefits & Entitlement training
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