Climate KIC - Start-up Climate Impact Services
EIT Climate-KIC is seeking to award a single contract to the ‘Provider’ to services description on its behalf for a four-year period from January 2023 to December 2026 with the option to extend for a further one period of up to two year/s subject to budget constraints and performance. Any offer of contract term extension shall be at the sole discretion of EIT Climate-KIC. The single contract may be with a single provider who can deliver the entire service or can be a consortium where the nominated consortium lead signs a ‘service contract’ on behalf of the consortium members. In the event of the latter, EIT Climate-KIC acknowledges there may be specific terms and conditions to be entered into with each consortium member particularly in relation to deployment of systems and licenses.
Value of Contract
€500 000 to €2 500 000
Estimated Annual Value
150 000 EUR
Publication Date
Listing Deadline
iSource/V 7.0.R58