Passenger Catering Services
Proposals are invited to provide on-board and on-platform catering services for rail passengers.
Potential service partners must be able to:
• Contribute to and support the desired delivery model as outlined in the Specification.
• Put forward a credible transition plan to move from the current (base) level service to the new service model.
• Demonstrate effective supply chain management within demanding timescales.
• Implement the right structure to support the delivery of the new model.
• Roll out effective marketing to promote new products and services.
• Develop a retail model for ScotRail which will become the platform for delivering the strategy.
• Integrate with, and exploit, EPoS and SmartCard technology.
• Provide effective management information.
• Demonstrate innovation in product development

Please note that tender starts at 28th of February 2019 12:00 hrs
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